Firearms Instruction & Training in the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains!

When purchasing new firearms for self and home-defense or genuine interest, it’s important to understand proper safety precautions, fundamentals and operations. Gun training courses are the best learning method to properly understand and handle any new firearm.

At Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo in Cleveland, Georgia, our NRA certified trainers offer our customers several courses to become an expert with any type of firearm. We understand the importance of a secure and customized gun training course, and we strive to help each of our customers feel safe while increasing their gun operation knowledge.

Firearms Training Courses

Our gun safety and knowledge training courses are developed using a simple, step-by-step process tailored to each student on our own private range.

North Georgia firearms trainingOur basic firearms training courses include:

Basic Handgun Course (3-5 Hours): Our trainers teach all of the basics about firearms fundamentals, safety, and operation. We also offer an introduction to Self-Defense Shooting at the end of the training course, showing our students how to use a handgun in a self-defense situation.

Basic Rifle & Shotgun Course (3-5 Hours): In addition to the basic fundamentals, safety, and operation of rifles and shotguns, our instructors focus on marksmanship skills for our rifle and shotgun course using our 7 Steps to Become a Better Marksman.

Our intermediate firearms training courses include:

Intermediate Handgun Course (5-8 Hours): Our intermediate handgun course instructs our students in home defense, conceal and carry, and using a firearm in a defensive situation.

Intermediate Rifle Course (5-8 Hours): The intermediate rifle course focuses on how to operate optics, how to judge distance, windage, and how to choose the proper cartridge. We focus in standing, sitting and prone positions.

Intermediate Shotgun Course (5-8 Hours): Our firearms trainers focus our intermediate shotgun course on self-defense and hunting, including skeet classes, wing shooting, and choosing the proper round for a home defense shotgun. We also instruct our students how to effectively use a shotgun in a home defense situation.

Our advanced courses are approximately 16-hour courses, and are specially designed to explore advanced aspects of owning and operating firearms. Courses may be customized for the individuals particular needs. Our course schedule may change as our training services mature with more opportunities to offer to our students.

Schedule Your Firearms Training

Our team of highly-qualified firearms instructors at Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo understands the importance of a safe, secure and comfortable training environment. We work closely with each of our students to develop courses specific to their needs yet address important aspects of firearms.

Visit our Cleveland, Georgia location, email or contact us via telephone (706) 865-9245 to schedule your firearms training course.