Gunsmithing & Customization

Gunsmiths have always been among United States armorers in both the Army and the Navy, though their specialty services require a combination of talent and skill. Our  gunsmiths at Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo have  years of experience and specialize in modern firearms and antique models.

Quality gunsmithing, because it is a specialized skill, is a rare and difficult service to get right in many gun shops. Our gunsmiths provide repair, restoration, maintenance, and personalization to our customers, offering expert firearm customization knowledge.

Experienced Gunsmiths in Cleveland, GA

Our full service gunsmithing services include:

  • Trigger jobs
  • Repairs
  • Bluing
  • Scope and sight installation
  • Parts replacement
  • Gun cleaning
  • Drill and tap scope bases
  • Glass Stock Bedding
  • And a host of custom fixins

Our gunsmiths revive firearms when all hope seems lost: we’ve restored firearms other gunsmiths believed were beyond repair. At Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo, our expert gunsmiths help our customers create long-lasting family heirlooms by refinishing old stocks, restoring antique firearms and enriching the bluing.

We understand precision is key, so we take special care with every aspect down to the smallest detail, such as sighting a scope or properly removing copper fouling. Our team also crafts the very best self-defense firearms to ensure that our customers and their homes are safe and secure.

Visit Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo for Gunsmithing Services

Our specialty gunsmithing services at Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo provide a large part of our business. We take great pride in providing the highest quality customer service, and our exclusive gunsmithing services offer our customers unique customization options.
Stop by Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo in Cleveland, Georgia, email or call us at (706) 865-9245 to learn more about our gunsmithing services, and begin creating your unique firearm today.